Ho Lai Hong Kong, b. 1993


"I find poetics in the transformation of material through working in the approach both subversive and experimental.  The interrogation of an idea, colour combinations and material experimentation are prominent in my practice.  I work from microscopic images, medical illustrations and cross section diagrams that describe the structure and the formation of human body, which is composed of aggregates of cells, atoms and molecules.  I translate these using aggregates of dried colour clay in various sizes, along with dried clay’s dissolving quality to form as a visual metaphor."

Ho Lai is a ceramic artist from Hong Kong based in London. Her work explores the contemporary nature of ceramics, experimenting with the materials and processes involved in its creation. In 2016, she graduated from the Academy of Visual Arts Hong Kong Baptist University attaining a BA in Visual Arts and was awarded the AVA Keeper of Studies Collection Award. In 2019 Lai graduated from the Royal College of Art attained MA in Ceramics & Glass and was awarded The Grocer’s Hall Scholarship. She is the British Ceramics Biennial AWARD exhibitor this year and is currently working in her studio at Cockpit Arts Deptford.