Sarah Perry British, b. 1945


‘I am a potter because I enjoy the basic feel of clay – its versatility and the actual making process. Its type of plasticity is not found in any other medium; it can be stopped at any point and made permanent by firing, rather like the stones under one’s feet.’

Thrown and hand-built stoneware and porcelain pots decorated with glazes of intense blues, turquoise, purples, pinks and greens. Fired in an oxidising atmosphere to 1280˚C.


Sarah Perry trained at Camberwell Art School where her teachers were Lucie Rie and Hans Coper. She gained a BA Hons in Ceramics.


In the 70s, Sarah lived and worked in Argentina, exhibiting in between journeys in South America.


In 1995, a piece of her work was auctioned at the American Craft Museum in New York; in 2002 she was commissioned to make 85 ceramic pieces for the Sandy Lane Hotel, Barbados.


In the seventies she lived and worked in Argentina, exhibiting in Buenos Aires in-between journeys around South America. During the nineties her work was sold at Liberties, Heals, and The Conran Shops in London, Paris and Tokyo.