Joanne Last British, b. 1962


"I used the time to explore and experiment, often repainting a piece several times and building up layers of history and richness."

In Joanne's new collection of abstract paintings, she has taken brave and exciting new pathways and directions to explore Cornwall’s coastal landscape. Rich textures, colours, layering, and mark-making ground the work with a sense of history and place. 


Joanne's recent works have emerged from a long period of restrictions against being able to physically visit the sea or travel far from her home in London. With the absence of deadlines and shows in the lockdown, Joanne has developed her practice through experimentation, often repainting a piece several times and building up layers of richness; a hidden record marking the time and strange course of the last year.


"When I stood back to view the work all together, I realised that there was in fact a strong connection and cohesion between them. In spite of their enforced distance, the pull of the imagined tide, the colours or glorious Cornwall, the weathered surfaces and shoreline shapes had all crept in. My subconscious had been saying - 'Wish I was there' rather than 'Wish you were here'.


Although mostly abstract in composition, this new collection is still firmly anchored on the coast and I hope conveys all the wonder and mystery of this beautiful part of the country."