Joanne Last British, b. 1962


When I was asked to take part in the Renewal show it seemed like serendipity had lent her hand, as in a way I have undergone something of a renewal myself in the last year.


I have resisted treading the same path and have ventured into new territories in a desire to renew my own relationship with my art and what I do.


As a result, the current work has developed from a more intuitive and experimental place...and some pieces have taken an entirely abstract direction.


I have explored different colour palettes and new ideas with how I apply paint and manipulate the picture surface.


I have investigated more deeply what I am drawn to and what I really want to paint...the Weathered series, for example, takes inspiration from the fabulous textures and rich history of things that have weathered  - old boats, peeling paint, rusty metal, and discarded objects, as they almost become works of art in themselves over time.