Antonia Glücksman


Antonia Glücksman 

Antonia Glücksman is a writer and illustrator based in Cornwall and is currently working towards an MA in Authorial Illustration at Falmouth University. She has a background in fashion design and product innovation.


Her cyanotype images are contemplations of the grandeur of the universe and the things that are important in life. They contain organic materials found in nature such as leaves and are a celebration of walking alone in the natural world and the 'light bulb' moments that occur when we allow ourselves to be in silence.


They have recently been used to illustrate a collection of poetry produced in cooperation with Falmouth University and the National Trust.


The cyanotype process was one of the first non-silver technologies used to create photographic images. Originated in the 1840's, it was not utilized in mainstream photography and was adopted as a copying technique, becoming known by the term 'blueprint'.



To begin the process, two solutions are prepared for the two-part sensitizing process. Material sensitized with the solution is then printed by ultraviolet light. Each cyanotype is unique as although the form of the image can be recreated, the exact colour balance of the blueprint will always contain certain variations. Variations of the original formula involve different ratios of Potassium ferricyanide and Ferric ammonium citrate.