"Though based in the Derbyshire Dales, I make frequent visits to Cornwall and take inspiration from its upland moors, rugged coastlines and busy harbours.  In my work I try to capture an essence of a place or situation as well as trying to simplify the forms and colours of what I see: old mine workings slowly being reclaimed by the landscape; ancient field systems; the changing weather, and light."


‘I am interested in the relationships of colour and contrast, as well as the interplay of forms and gestural mark-making.

’I will often use a boat to view the landscape from the sea.  This offers a very different viewpoint when looking back to the land, where the geometry of field patterns, the shape of the coast and its hidden forms are revealed along with the motion of the sea.  My paintings are composites of many of these elements.

‘I work intuitively and usually with minimal sketching or planning.  When I do sketch it is rarely as a means of reference for a painting – as I prefer the work take on a life of its own from memory, or developed instinctively.  Elements within a painting are based on fleeting images, imagination and experiences, which perhaps aren't visually representative, if compared to a snapshot, but for me, encapsulate a particular slice of time.

‘A painting will go through many stages of being worked and re-worked, with layers being scratched and scraped back to reveal remnants of the earlier process, with elements added and removed until the composition and balance of colour, line and form is resolved.’

Andrew Bird, 2020


Born in Derby, Derbyshire in 1969, Andrew Bird studied Graphic Design at Chesterfield College of Technology & Art from 1986-88.  He then went on to study Design Communication at Granville College, Sheffield University from 1988-90. From 1992-93 Andrew studied for a BA in Fine Art at Bradford College of Art.

Since 2011, he has exhibited successfully throughout the UK. His first solo show was held in 2013.  In recent years he has been shown at the 20/21 British and International Art Fairs in London.

Andrew has worked as a Graphic Designer and Garden Designer since 1993, and as a full-time artist since 2010.

Andrew Bird lives in Derbyshire and has been represented in Cornwall exclusively by the Porthminster Gallery, since 2013.


Selected Solo Exhibitions


2019         Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: 'Landscape Abstracted'

2018         Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: ‘Favoured Paths’
2016         The Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwicks
2013         Cathedral Gallery, Derby: ‘Hills and Harbours’
                Tarpey Gallery, Derbyshire


Selected Two Person Exhibitions
2017         Sladers Yard, West Bay, Dorset: 'Finding Pathways'

Selected Group Exhibitions
2017         Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: ‘Coast’
                Gallerytop, Rowsley, Derbyshire: ‘Christmas Show’
                The Stour Gallery, Shipston-on-Stour, Warwicks: 'High Summer Exhibition'
2016         Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: ‘Coast’
                Gallerytop, Rowsley, Derbyshire: ‘Christmas Show’
                Samuel Robson Fine Art, Oakham, Rutland: ‘Christmas Exhibition’
                Gallerytop, Rowsley, Derbyshire: ‘Summer Show’
2015         Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: ‘Christmas Show’
                Gallerytop, Rowsley, Derbyshire: ‘Christmas Show’
                20/21 British Art Fair, London. Hilton Gallery
                Gallerytop, Rowsley, Derbyshire: ‘Summer Show’
                Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: ‘Summer’
                20/21 Internl. Art Fair, London. Hilton Gallery
                Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: ‘Spring Show’
                Tanner & Lawson, Burnham Market, Norfolk
2014         Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: ‘Quay and Coast’
2013         Porthminster Gallery, St Ives, Cornwall: ‘Christmas Show’
                The Arthouse Gallery, Bournemouth: ‘A Christmas View’
                GalleryTop, Rowsley, Derbyshire: various shows

2013         Russell Cotes Museum, Bournemouth: ‘Variations on Abstraction’                               D'art Gallery, Dartmouth, Devon. Various shows
                Salon Show, Cromford, Derbyshire
2012         Gallerytop, Rowsley, Derbyshire: ‘Christmas Show’ 

                Tarpey Gallery, Castle Donington: ‘Midlands Open’
                Wirksworth Festival
                Cry of the Gulls Gallery, Fowey
                Jack Sevens Gallery, Macclesfield: ‘Spring Show’                     

                The Arthouse Gallery, Bournemouth
                The Harley Gallery, Nottinghamshire
2011         Out of the Blue Gallery, Edinburgh
                Wirksworth Festival

Selected Biography
1969        Born in Derby, Derbyshire

1986-88    Chesterfield College of Technology & Art:
                OND Graphic Design
1988-90    Granville College, Sheffield University:
                HND Design Communication
1992-93    Bradford College of Art: BA Fine Art

Relevant Posts and Experience
1993-96    Graphic Designer
1996-05    Set up own studio for Painting and Garden Design
2005-10    Garden Designer including construction and full implementation of projects
2010-        Full-time artist

Selected Publications
Arczine Magazine
Blanket and Bone
Various online blogs