Ashley Howard English, b. 1963


"I enjoy the non verbal conversations to be had as a maker; conversations between hand and clay, hand, clay and wheel, surface and form, the dialogues are endless. I draw upon my interest in ritual vessels, the spaces they occupy and the ceremonies that surround them. Notions of reverence and transience are also explored within my work."

Ashley produces porcelain and stoneware vessels informed by a dialogue between Far Eastern and homespun pottery and traditions.  Almost all work is thrown on the wheel although at times it might be subject to varying degrees of manipulation and altering. Specific surface techniques have been developed to draw, brush and print with glaze and enamels.


Ashley Howard studied at Medway College of Art and Design, now University for the Creative Arts. He built a career combining teaching with making. In 2001 Howard studied for his Masters at the Royal College of Art. Howard has published articles on technical and aesthetic subjects. He has exhibited, demonstrated and lectured all over the world, spending considerable time on solo and collaborative projects in Japan. His achievements on the national and international stages are recognised though his membership of the International Academy for Ceramics. Howard is represented by JJ Rawlin.


Between 2012 qnd 2014 Howard worked on a collaborative project with Japanese Potter, Risa Ohgi. The exhibition, Shima Kara Shima E (From Island to Island) opened at the Leach Gallery in St Ives, Cornwall. It went on to be shown at the Foyer Gallery at University for the Creative Arts, Farnham.


In 2017 Howard was half of the highly prestigious exhibition Exploring the Vessel which saw him show his work alongside the paintings of William Scott at a private address in London. The exhibition was arranged by his agents JJRawlin.


Since then, Howard has continued to exhibit internationally and work to private commissions.