Jane Muende English


'I was initially drawn to working in 3D using papier-mâché, making elaborate Mexican inspired 'Tree of Life' candelabras and skulls referencing The Day of the Dead. Soon, however, I moved on to recreating boats in stoneware clay, having been inspired by the washed up and weathered boats scattered along the atmospheric, out-of-season Cornish coastline which I have been visiting for many years.


'This led me to the medium of paper porcelain which is what I work in currently. The malleable, translucent - yet robust - qualities of the combination of clay and paper enables me to construct and hand build.


'I become completely absorbed by the process of making; from rolling the clay eggshell thin, pushing it to its limits, tearing it and hand-building, to the final firing. Each piece is hand built and carefully hand sanded to create a smooth surface on which to draw. I find walking often gives me the space and tranquillity I need to visualise the marks and patterns and to plan how I’m going to complete the work in the studio.


'The monochrome pieces allow me to experiment with pattern, seeing how the lines interplay. I work intensively, focusing on each methodically drawn, repeated mark. Recently I have begun filtering colour into my work, employing it initially on the delicate outer rim of a bottle before extending it to whole pieces.


'My work with ceramics allows me to combine elements of making and drawing. Everyday life is referenced in these pieces; I gain inspiration from domesticity, from quick-fire spontaneous sketches I make on the underground or from fast-paced drawings of the clothed figure.'


Jane Muende completed a foundation course at Chelsea School of Art, before obtaining a BA Fine Art degree at Winchester School of Art. 



Lowes Dickinson 2014

Lowes Dickinson 2017


The artist lives and works in London and has recently been selected by the council of Craft Potters Association as a Selected Member.