Matthew Tyas British


Matthew Tyas’ career as a studio potter began with a visit he made to St Ives as a holidaymaker, many years ago. He became drawn to the old Bernard Leach Standard Ware and William (Bill) Marshall’s work, and began collecting studio pots and attending evening pottery classes. He opened a studio in his native Yorkshire before graduating from Cardiff, in 2008, with an MA in Ceramics. On returning to Yorkshire he opened another studio, before moving to Cornwall to start a research degree in 2010.


After achieving a Doctorate relating to Leach Standard Ware from Falmouth University in 2015, Matthew went on to coordinate and curate exhibitions at the Leach Pottery in St Ives, where he also works on related research and interpretation projects, as well as teaching on the throwing courses. His current research interests include the life and work of Leach potter William Marshall, and the design and production of Leach Standard Ware from the 1940s onwards.


Matthew’s studio practice is based at Bosence Farm – a pottery workshop located in a drug and alcohol treatment centre, near Hayle, where he gives classes to residents.


His ceramics have been exhibited throughout the UK since 2009, most recently in group show, ‘Teachers’ Pots: Celebrating The Work Of Our Education Team’, at the Leach Pottery, St Ives, 4 November 2017 – 27 January 2018.


He is being represented for the first time at the Porthminster Gallery.