Alex Morton British

'As a surfer it is the surf, sea and wind that inspires most. My recent collections have focused on the wild North coast of Cornwall. It is the rugged coastline, the expanse of the sea and the energy it brings through the wind and the waves that relaxes me and draws me. I paint both inside and out, yet most recently I have been working mainly from my studio. I work on a variety of surfaces, canvas, paper and board, I mainly paint with my surface directly on the floor, especially the larger pieces, many paintings on canvas start as sheet canvas which I have then later stretched.'


Alex Morton is a British artist living in Winchester having recently re-located from Cornwall. Unexpectedly finding painting in 2012 Alex discovered an immediate talent and new found passion. He continues to teach himself through his processes of painting, experimenting with techniques and textures to compose paintings that satisfy his eye. He finds a compulsion to paint and create, not only to satisfy the desire to complete and reflect on each piece, but to also satisfy the desire to be productive in his chosen medium.


Alex feels that some artists may consider an intense and continual compulsion to create as an addiction or an obsession; he feels this not to be the case. He feels that this compulsion comes from the desire of an artist to work, to be productive and to communicate. It is his recognition and understanding of his personality, his combination of artistic work ethic and absence of training that promotes excitement in his future work as an artist.