Inspired by landscapes at the extreme edges of the British Isles Jane’s painting responds to the huge open skies and the vast areas of land of Cornwall and the Outer Hebrides.


This Cornish collection of paintings are informed by the personal experience of walking in the landscape in and around St Ives, returning at different times of the year observing changes in light and weather in St Ives Harbour as well as the flower edged coastal paths. Sketchbook references and photography play a useful part in developing a painting but her major concern is to capture the essence of the place, remembering what it felt like to be there.


Working outside has been liberating and this is reflected in her approach to handling paint, exploring the physical quality of the medium, allowing the gestural brush marks to suggest where land and sea meet with an emphasis on exploring colour and light to evoke a place.


The sense of being outside in big open places lie at the heart of what she is expressing in paint exploring the elemental nature of actually being in the landscape.


The new paintings are painted using mixed media on gesso panel, card and canvas.