Emily-Kriste Wilcox British

‘These hand built ceramic pieces focus on surface decoration, collage and juxtaposition; where the vessel is a starting point for exploration of shape, and an interest in the sense of repair and assemblage has informed my method of construction over several years.   


‘Recent research into 18th century tea caddies has added another dimension to my forms, in particular inspiring an oval shape, yet still encompassing several individual panels. Other references include dressmaking patterns and text, maps, boats; with my colour palette drawing inspiration from the sea, clouds and the landscape of St Ives and West Cornwall.   

‘I find that drawing and painting is integral to the development of the surface treatment of my pots. Layers of decorating slips are applied in a painterly manner to build up the surface and create a depth that holds similarities to misty skies, or walks across the hills, which in turn allows the vessels to create a sense of place. Often these pieces can evoke memories of a walk or a view across the sea adding to the notion of interpreting landscape. 


‘Walking and exploring the landscape has increasingly become an integral part of my process, and these selected images are an insight into my practice. The colours and textures of the ever-changing English skies, seas, coastline and accompanying landscape are a constant source influencing my explorations within the ceramic materials, which most notably can be seen in the predominance of blues, greens and greys.

‘Each vessel is highly individual, in the same way each view of the landscape/sea/sky is different even when looking in the same direction from a similar viewpoint. Each piece is then an interpretation rather than a representation, and the marks an indication of this earlier impression or experience; a painting in clay.’


Emily-Kriste’s vessels are handbuilt using a white earthenware body treated to layers of decorating slip, underglaze, glaze and occasionally transfer and lustre. Pieces often go through multiple firings and as each is individual, the process of building up the surface varies accordingly.


Emily-Kriste Wilcox graduated with a First Class BA (Hons) 3D Design: Ceramics, in 2005 from Bath Spa University. She has received several awards including: Craft & Design Selected Silver Award (ceramics category), 2012; Bryant Fedden Award, Gloucestershire Guild of Craftsmen, 2005; Minerva Prize, Bath Spa University, 2005. Since 2005, Emily-Kriste has shown in many solo and group exhibitions in the UK and abroad, including most recently: ‘Made in the Middle’, The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum, Coventry, 2016–18 (then touring); ‘Handmade in Britain’, Chelsea Old Town Hall, London, 2016; ‘Ceramic Art York’, Yorkshire Museum, York, 2016. She has featured in many British and International publications, regularly featuring in Ceramic Review, Craft & Design Magazine. Most recently, House & Garden (February issue 2017); Who’s Who in Visual Art – 74 Artisans, Craftspeople and Designers (2017). Emily-Kriste’s works are in many private collections in the UK, Europe and USA.

Emily-Kriste Wilcox lives and works in Birmingham and is being exhibited for the first time in St Ives by the Porthminster Gallery.