Iain Robertson Scottish, b. 1955

‘What then is the subject content of Robertson’s abstract paintings? Despite appearances, they are not as radically different from realist pictures as many think. At their heart both kinds of paintings are, by their very nature, essentially involved with visual descriptive narrative. The crucial difference however, is that Realism narrates on an external subject – real or imagined – while true Abstraction must, by necessity, chronicle its own internal process of coming into existence. Does that mean then abstract art is autonomous and hermetically cut off from the human subject and experience? Well, no more so than music – and that most abstract medium is close to the art of Iain Robertson, especially Jazz. Thus, as with profoundly moving passages of musical expression, Robertson’s infinitely varied chromatic improvisations can, if we listen attentively with our eyes, release deeply submerged sources of our essential being which are at the very core of our common humanity.’