Kathy Ramsay Carr

‘These landscapes are evocative of windswept distant horizons, the call of the gulls, salt spray from the waves, winding paths along the cliffs and the transparent water glistening below, as if flying over terrain and sea the landscape forms itself.


‘Using thin layers of oil, large brushstrokes and palette knives, areas of intense activity are built up with beeswax, gesso and sometimes scrim.

‘I am at heart a colourist and am constantly involved in exploring tonal relationships, particularly when painting water. I relate landscape to the human heart, often solitary and contemplative. Sometimes a sense of an elevated viewpoint is present, as if from flight, and horizons come and go, vanishing into unending distance.’


Kathy Ramsay Carr was born in 1952 and spent most of her childhood in British Columbia. She studied Graphic Design and Illustration at Bath Academy of Art from 1971 – 75, before returning to British Columbia. From 1976 she lived in Mexico City as a designer and art director. She became Head of Graphic Design in the Cultural Institute of the National University of Mexico City. In 1984 she returned to the UK and worked as an etcher until 1998, when she became a full-time painter.