Jacqueline Real

‘My pictures are abstractions from nature or expression of the subconscious. My aim is to show a balance between form and colour, static and dynamic forces and at the same time express, with different shades of light, a strongly felt spiritual presence. I am greatly influenced by the unique light and colour of the sea at St Ives.’


Jacqueline Real was born in Zurich, Switzerland. After studying art in Zurich for several years, Jacqueline attended the master class at the International School of Modern Art, Salzburg, Austria, and continued her studies in Meran, Italy. In 1985 she married an Englishman and settled in Hove, England.


Jacqueline is a Fellow of the Free Painters and Sculptors Group, London; a Member of the Swiss Painters, Sculptors and Architects and the Eastbourne Group of Artists.

She has exhibited regularly in England and Switzerland and has participated in exhibitions in America and Germany.