Andrew Bird British, b. 1976

‘Though based in the Derbyshire Dales, I make frequent visits to Cornwall and take inspiration from its upland moors, rugged coastlines and busy harbours.  In my work I try to capture an essence of a place or situation as well as trying to simplify the forms and colours of what I see: old mine workings slowly being reclaimed by the landscape; ancient field systems; the changing weather, and light.

‘I am interested in the relationships of colour and contrast, as well as the interplay of forms and gestural mark-making.

’I will often use a boat to view the landscape from the sea.  This offers a very different viewpoint when looking back to the land, where the geometry of field patterns, the shape of the coast and its hidden forms are revealed along with the motion of the sea.  My paintings are composites of many of these elements.

‘I work intuitively and usually with minimal sketching or planning.  When I do sketch it is rarely as a means of reference for a painting – as I prefer the work take on a life of its own from memory, or developed instinctively.  Elements within a painting are based on fleeting images, imagination and experiences, which perhaps aren't visually representative, if compared to a snapshot, but for me, encapsulate a particular slice of time.

‘A painting will go through many stages of being worked and re-worked, with layers being scratched and scraped back to reveal remnants of the earlier process, with elements added and removed until the composition and balance of colour, line and form is resolved.’

Andrew Bird, March 2018