Robin Welch British, b. 1936

Now in his 80's, Robin Welch is still producing ceramics out of sheer pleasure and is making some of his finest pieces.

At 15-years-old, as a student at Penzance School of Art, his breakfast set was selected for presenatation to Prince Charles in celebration of the school's 100th anniversary, signalling a bright future in the art world and in particular the field of ceramics. Over time Robin has gained a solid reputation; teaching and lecturing, whilst creating art all over the world.


His dedication mirrors not only the extent of his output, after all, being a former paratrooper might inspire such persistence, but the experience and passion that inspires every artwork he creates. Travelling from the USA, Australia, New Zealand, to Germany and finally, England, where Robin was born and his home studio is located, there is a vast variety of styles to be observed throughout his oeuvre.